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OSP High Pitcher Spinnerbait

by OSP

OSP High Pitcher Spinnerbait 

High Pitcher was developed as a type of small spinner bait to catch big bass under high pressure condition.

Being tested not only in japan but also in U.S.A. this spinner bait proved to be capable of attracting and catching many fish.

When it comes to spinner bait, blades are the most important part to catch fish. So, we have stuck to the highest quality blades, which make different actions from other spinner bait blades.

The front part of blade is flat and the rear part is deep like a cup. That is opposite from other spinner bait. So, front part of blade rotates around circle and swivel also rotates.
That is why upper arm vibrates well and that vibration transmits to the head.

Therefore, we succeed in producing ultra high speed spin and strong vibration considering the size of this spinner bait.

Also, the surface of this blade is coated with the material, which makes the blades shine more naturally.
It is very effective under the tough condition and its flat part enhances flashing power, increases the power to attract fish. Its hook is also targeting big bass.


Color: Spark Ice Shad