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Picasso All-Terrain Weedless Inline Spinnerbait

by Picasso

Picasso All terrain Weedless In Line Spinner

Is a collaboration with two time Bass Master Classic winner Hank Cherry and professional Lake Guntersville guide Lonnie Cochran. The combination of the conical head design of our Straight Shooter Pro and the four strand titanium weed guard provides unsurpassed performance allowing it to slip through cover such as grass, lily pads, blowdowns and brush piles where traditional spinnerbaits would get hung. The unique hex design blade provides a wide spectrum of fish attracting flash and vibration. Molded around a Gamakatsu Heavy Cover Flipping Hook with a wire bait keeper on the shaft to keep your plastic trailer secure in all terrain. Our exclusive super soft silicone skirt material creates fish attracting undulation that is comparable to living rubber skirt material. Also effective for night time fishing! Proudly made in the USA.

Color: Black/Blue