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Picasso Toad Slayer

by Picasso

The Picasso Toad Slayer

Designed to be rigged with your favorite soft plastic frog or swimbait this setup allows the plastic trailer to slide up entirely over the head, keeping it secure without slipping. Without the resistance of a skirt, the Toad Slayer can be skipped effortlessly under docks, blowdowns, and overhanging cover but also performs great in open water. Our heat-treated .040 gauge Inviz Wire frame creates the perfect balance between function and durability. The pre-rusted rivet creates a unique squeak sound and combined with the large size blade produces surface commotion that the fish are not accustomed to, drawing them to strike even from deep water. Equipped with a super sharp 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook and a variety of buzz blade colors.
Proudly made in the USA.
Color: Gold