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Rapala OG Deep Tiny 7

by Rapala

From tinkering with lures as a kid to customizing them as a pro, Ott Defoe's OG Series is the result of his knowledge and time spent in the workshop. The Rapala OG Deep Tiny 7 is a balsa-wood, flat-sided crankbait that creates a moderate, side-to-side wobble when retrieved. With the booming popularity of the OG Tiny 4, Ott Defoe and Rapala teamed up to deliver the same fish-catching action in a compact profile to greater depths. The lightweight circuit board lip is thin but effective, allowing you to retrieve it quickly while still getting the desired action out of the lure - making it perfect for finicky fish in colder conditions when fish are holding in 6-8 feet of water. 

Rapala OG Deep Tiny 7 Crankbait Features:
  • Weight: 5/16 oz
  • Length: 2 1/4"
  • Running Depth: 7 feet
  • Premium Balsa Wood Body
  • Silent bait
  • Tight side-to-side wobbling action
  • VMC Black Nickel 1x Strong Hybrid Treble Hooks
    Color: Classic Craw