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Shimano Aldebaran BFS

by Shimano

Shimano Aldebaran BFS

Born for bait finesse system fishing techniques, the Shimano Aldebaran BFS Casting Reel combines a lightweight magnesium frame and specialized braking system to tackle any finesse technique. Featuring Shimano’s Finesse Tune Brake(FTB)system, it reduces the spool’s weight by moving the braking unit from the spool to the palm side plate, which reduces the force needed to turn the spool and allow anglers to effectively cast lightweight tackle. The FTB system also automatically adjusts to slow down the spool only when braking is needed to prevent backlashing, unlike traditional magnetic brake systems. The Shimano Aldebaran BFS Casting Reel further enhances casting performance by leverage a MagnumLite(MGL) Spool III to reduce start-up inertia for unparalleled control and accuracy.

To increase power and smoothness, the Shimano Aldebaran BFS Casting Reel is equipped with state-of-the-art MicroModule Gear technology, which is an ultra-refined gear tooth design that delivers seamless engagement and power transmission for uncompromised strength, noise reduction, and improved smoothness. Fitted with Cross Carbon Drag system and Exciting Drag Sound so you know when the fish is taking line, similar to a spinning reel, the Shimano Aldebaran BFS Casting Reel is the pinnacle of finesse baitcasting reels.

-MicroModule Gears
-HGN Body
-MGL Spool III
-S3D Spool
-Silent Tune
-Finesse Tune Brake(FTB)
-S A-RB Bearings
-Super Free Spool
-Cross Carbon Drag
-Exciting Drag Sound


Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Line Cap. Bearings
ALDBFSHGL Left 7.8:1 4.6 8/45 10S A-RB + 1S A-RB
ALDBFSHGR Right 7.8:1 4.6 8/45 10S A-RB + 1S A-RB