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Shimano Curado BFS Reel

by Shimano

Shimano Curado BFS Casting Reel

Expanding the legendary line-up of Curado low profile reels, the Shimano Curado BFS Casting Reel is equipped with ground-breaking Shimano technologies and redefines finesse fishing for tournament anglers. Inspired by the Japanese Domestic Market, the Shimano Curado BFS Casting Reel utilizes an ultralightweight shallow spool designed for thinner diameter lines to allow anglers to cast lightweight lures more effectively than traditional low-profile reels. It also incorporates Shimano’s Finesse Tune Brake (FTB) system to reduce the spool’s weight by moving the braking unit from the spool to the palming side plate, resulting in a spool that takes minimal force to turn and allow anglers to effectively cast lightweight tackle.

Unlike traditional magnetic brake systems that maintain the same drag on the spool throughout the cast, the Shimano Curado BFS Casting Reel’s FTB system capitalizes on the cast’s centrifugal force and the magnetic brakes automatically adjust to slow down the spool only when braking is needed. Anglers can also add or remove individual magnets as needed to fine-tune the reel for different size lures. The perfect antidote for picky fish, the Shimano Curado BFS Casting Reel is the ideal tool for anglers downsizing their presentations that still want to use casting equipment.


-Hagane Body
-Finesse Tune Brake (FTB)
-Exciting Drag Sound
-Super Free Spool
-Cross Carbon Drag