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Shimano Zumverno 95SP Jerkbait

by Shimano

Shimano Zumverno 95SP 

Powered by Shimano's BOOST CONCEPT lure technologies, the Zumverno 95SP FB expands Shimano's lineup of freshwater lures and is the ideal bait for anglers needing to downsize their offering to match the condition. The wide-bill design gives this jerkbait a lifelike swimming action with an erratic side-to-side darting movement and enticing body roll that will trigger strikes from trophy bass. Featuring Shimano's patented FLASH BOOST technology, the Zumverno emits an enticing flash during the retrieve and mimics a wounded baitfish — even on the pause. JET BOOST technology enhances the lure's casting range, increasing an angler's ability to cover more water and enabling them to reach fish at greater distances. Shimano's SCALE BOOST technology leverages composite-pitch holograms to give the Zumverno lineup a realistic appearance imitating lifelike baitfish patterns.

Length: 95mm   Weight: 1/3oz    Depth: 5"

Color: Chiayu