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Smash Tech Convict


Smash Tech Convict

The Convict is a 7" full-bodied hand-poured swimbait designed to give you more versatility in presenting the fish a bigger meal.  It's been proven that big line through swimbaits catches tons of big fish, but the one drawback is that you can't put a line through swimbait right in the middle of thick cover without getting the treble hook snagged.  This is where the Convict will shine. 

When rigged on a 10/0 Owner Beast Swimbait hook you will be able to fish the Convict in places a big swimbait hasn't been able to go before instead of having to fish the edges of cover.  For shallow water, we recommend using the unweighted version of the Beast hook and wrapping a little lead tape or a couple of Storm Suspendstrips around the shank of the hook to keep the bait keeled and give it a slow fall.  The bait can be fished in deep water using the weighted Owner Beast hook that comes with a 1/2 oz weight molded onto the shank. To increase your hookup ratio and to match the 10/0 Owner perfectly we have molded a hook slot in the belly of the Convict so you don't have to set the hook through the bulky plastic body. 

For everyone wanting the big profile and action of a 7" line thru swimbait in a weedless version, the Convict is for you. 

Sold in packs of two. 

Color: Ayu