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Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye King Daddy Frog


The Spro Bronzeye King Daddy Frog

The King Daddy provides a large profile ideal for targeting big bass. It still retains the same design and characteristics that made the original Bronzeye Frog so successful, but now it's 30% bigger. Built around a specially designed 6/0 Gamakatsu Superline Double EWG Hook, the Bronzeye King Daddy Frog is up to the task of catching monster bass on braided lines. Using Spro's characteristic design, the razor-sharp hooks are pointed away from the frog's body and the super-soft plastic allows the frog to collapse down completely when bit - for maximum hook exposure.

The larger size of the King Daddy also makes long casts routine and like the original, it's perfectly balanced to always land on its belly. Available in a variety of effective colors, the Bronzeye King Daddy is easy to chug through the weeds or walk-the-dog through open water. Spro also made the living rubber legs extra long so you can trim them to your exact specifications and further manipulate the action. Bottom line is, the Spro Bronzeye King Daddy will handle in the heaviest cover and attract attention from the biggest hawgs.

Spro Length Weight
Dean Rojas Bronzeye King Daddy  3.5" 1oz
Color: Albino