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SPRO Outsider Crankbait MR 60


SPRO Outsider Crank MR 60 Crankbait

Dreamed up in a smart collaboration between John Crews and the dynamic Johnston brothers, the Outsider Crank boasts external weight placement to not only increase effective casting distance but also impart a more responsive action that drives fish into a feeding frenzy. The nose of the plug is capped with a durable bill that plunges the bait to the strike zone quickly and erratically deflects off cover to incite vicious reaction bites.

Built to harass fish holding off the bank in the mid-range of the water column, the SPRO Outsider Crank MR 60 Crankbait unleashes impressive action and brilliant good looks. The Outsider Crank slips out of the packaging with meticulous paint schemes and SPRO’s signature Mean Eyes that have been proven at the professional level of the sport. Additionally, the front of the plug features 3D gill rakers and mandibles to enhance their authenticity. Sticky sharp Gamakatsu hooks are anchored to the belly with dependably strong split rings to convert more bites, optimizing angler’s hook-up ratios. An exciting new twist on a classic hard bait profile, the SPRO Outsider Crank MR 60 Crankbait is a must-have addition to everyone’s mid-range arsenal.

SPRO Length Weight Depth
Outsider 60 2.36” 5/8oz 7’-9’
Color: Bone Abalone (Abalone Special)