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Storm Arashi Glide

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Storm Arashi Glide Glide Bait

Crafted with an extreme attention to detail to achieve the perfect lifelike swimming action allows anglers to take advantage of one of the hottest, most effective techniques for targeting trophy bass. Incredibly responsive, the Storm Arashi Glide Glide Bait offers an exaggerated swimming action that flows from side to side with ever turn of the handle and every twitch of the tip.

Incredibly stable and engineered with a super slow sink rate (.4ft/sec), the Storm Arashi Glide Glide Bait can be fished effectively at all speeds, allowing anglers to speed up or slow down match the attitude and activity of fish. Made to target the largest and hungriest predators, the Storm Arashi Glide Glide Bait is built with a durable triple-pin construction and swiveling hook hangers that prevent fish from gaining leverage during a fight. Included with a snap and an extra tail that will keep your bait in running order, even after vicious strikes, the Storm Arashi Glide Glide Bait offers a high-quality alternative to overpriced, hard-to-find glide baits.


-Triple-pin construction
-Swiveling hook hangers
-Exaggerated swimming action
-Stable glide action
-Extremely responsive
-Slow sinking (falls at .4ft/sec)
-Includes snap & extra tail

Storm  Length Weight Class
Arashi Glide 7-1/2" 3-1/8oz Slow-sink
Color: Bluegill