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Storm Largo Shad

by Storm

A unique and customizable option to add to your paddle-tail collection, the Storm Largo Shad is an ideal tool to chase big limits. Featuring a baitfish profile body, the Largo Shad swims on both the retrieve and while in free-fall with an enticing slow body roll and overly exaggerated tail swing. Ready to affix to your favorite swim jig, spinnerbait, or swimbait hook, it delivers exceptional shimmy and thump right out of the package.
Adding to the already amazing angler appeal, Storm integrated a customizable tail to adapt to your fish’s mood on the fly. Simply cut or completely remove the ‘tail tendon’ for a wider and more aggressive kicking action. Finished with a grooved top and bottom for a completely weedless rigging option, the Storm Largo Shad will help you excel in any situation a day on the water challenges you with.
Color: Sexy Shad