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Strike King Pro Model Crankbait



Strike King Pro Model Crankbait

It's easy to see why Strike King® Pro-Model® Series crankbaits are so popular with the pros. Each bait in Strike King®'s Pro-Model® Crankbait Series is designed to perform a specific task. 


The Strike King Pro-Model Series 3 Crankbait is a small-bodied deep diver and is designed to be very castable, to search maximum depths. This is one of Strike King's most popular crankbaits. The Pro-Model Series 3 dives to 8 feet. 


The Pro-Model Series 4 Crankbait dominates shallow to medium-deep, stained water with their wide wobble design, free-floating rattles, chip-resistant finishes, and lifelike 3-D eyes. The Pro-Model 4 with its oversized bill deflects off cover on its way down to medium-depths. 


The Pro-Model Series 5 is the go-to crank for many tournament-proven pros. Designed to dive deep, the medium-sized Pro-Model Series 5 crank has a diving plate to allow for longer casts and deeper dives. Featuring free-floating rattles and lifelike 3-D eyes, these medium wobblers will out fish other crankbaits. Dives to 12 feet. 

Color: Black Back Chartreuse