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Strike King Skip'N Buzz


Strike King Skip'N Buzz

An innovative buzzbait engineered in collaboration with arguably the most proficient skipping anglers of all time, the Strike King Skipping Buzzbait was designed by Major League Fishing pro Andy Montgomery with features specifically aimed at targeting out-of-reach fish in places few baits will go. Pre-rigged in the package with a Strike King Rage Toad, this game-changing buzzbait features an internal head design with bait keeper barbs that secure the body of the toad directly to the frame. Included with a spare matching Rage Swimmer, anglers are equipped with two forage options that provide a broad surface area ideal for skipping under docks and overhanging cover. Built with a heavy wire construction to direct fish away from cover, the Strike King Skipping Buzzbait is reinforced so it doesn’t bend out of shape after multiple fish catches.

- (1) Pre-rigged Strike King Rage Toad
- (1) Additional Strike King Rage Swimmer

Color: White