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Uncle Josh Jumbo Pork Frogs


Uncle Josh Jumbo Pork Frog

With new suppliers, Uncle Josh Pork is back on the market for all the diehard pork anglers that have been catching boatloads of bass on pork lures since 1922. The Uncle Josh #1 Jumbo Pork Frog is an up-sized version of the Original Pork Frog, featuring a beveled face, chunky fleshy body, and thin flexible legs that make it an ideal trailer for the “Jig ‘N’ Pig” combination when the fish prefer a larger presentation. An excellent imitator of both frogs and crawfish, the lighter color options are great for mimicking amphibians, while the darker colors accurately imitate crustaceans. Loaded with salt to make fish bite and hold on longer, the Uncle Josh Jumbo Pork Frog delivers the perfect slow-falling action and a deadly scent profile for cold water, intense fishing pressure, and tough conditions.

Length Quantity
3.25" x 1.125" 2
Color: Blue