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V&M Black Label Slim DD

by V&M

V&M Black Label Slim DD

All black label baits are designed, and hand made by BassMaster classic champion, Cliff Pace, and the new black label slim dd series crankbait is extending their line-up of premium balsa crankbaits. It offers a slightly bigger profile and deeper running depth than its brother, the original slim crankbait. It features flat sides that provide a tight wobbling action and its built with a circuit board lip that works in conjunction with the balsa wood to help it deflect off cover with ease and produce a lively swimming action.

The slim dd series crankbait is hand-built with the same 45-step process as all black label baits to ensure the highest level of quality. It features premium components, such as sharp black nickel treble hooks, strong split rings, and amazing airbrushed paint jobs that give the bait an incredibly lifelike appearance. A perfect choice for cold water or when you want a less invasive, finesse presentation, the black label slim dd series crankbait is made with an extreme level of attention-to-detail to put fish in the boat when other crankbaits can’t cut it.

Color: Gizzard Shad Foil