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Xcite XB-360 Underspin


Xcite XB-360 Underspin

Providing an added element of attraction, the Xcite Baits XB-360 delivers an incredibly lifelike presentation that is backed by a strike-triggering flash. Designed with a premium ball-bearing swivel and a super-bright willow blade underneath the chin, the Xcite Baits XB-360 emits an attention-grabbing glimmer that brings your favorite swimbaits to life.

Molded with a bait keeper barb in the back of the head, the Xcite Baits XB-360 provides a secure hold that keeps soft plastics firmly in place. Finished with 3-D eyes and a premium paint job, the Xcite Baits XB-360 provides an increased realism and bolstered attraction that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Color: Chart Pearl