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Yamamoto Yama Craw


Yamamoto Yama Craw

Pro-tested, nature-inspired, and fish-approved, the Yamamoto Yama Craw perfectly fills out Yamamoto’s irresistible soft plastic lineup. An unbeatable pairing for football jigs and beyond, the Yama Craw scoots along the bottom with an incredibly natural profile enhanced with micro lateral appendages, a pair of antennae, and two robust claws that feature precisely molded channels to impart a lively kicking action on even the slowest retrieve.

Taking the Yamamoto Yama Craw from great, to absolutely gotta have, is its proprietary Mega Floater Formula that not only makes the crustacean-imitator highly buoyant but also enables it to maintain a convincingly soft, yet powerfully durable composition. Its specialized formula ensures it will always stand up when your rig reaches the lake’s bottom to expertly mimic the defensive posture of a crawfish and drive bass into a feeding frenzy. Available in a variety of Yamamoto’s legendary colors, the Yamamoto Yama Craw will undoubtedly keep your rod bent no matter how you rig it!

Length Quantity
4" 6
Color: B Bug Grinder