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Z-Man Chatterspike

by Zman


Z-Man Chatterspike

Featuring a pintail baitfish profile specifically designed for use as a chatterbait trailer, the Z-Man Chatterspike has pronounced V-shaped ridges on the top and bottom tail surfaces to increase water displacement and maximize its quivering motion. Constructed from Z-Man’s 10X tough Elaztech superplastic for extreme durability, the Chatterspike has a segmented body and tapering tail with pyramidal cross-sections that increase energy transmission from a vibrating jig to greatly enhance bait action.

Including dorsal and ventral hook slots to provide easy weedless rigging, this incredibly versatile jig trailer also excels on a shakey head, Texas rig, scrounger head, swim jig, and a variety of other applications. Available in a range of colors to seamlessly match the most popular chatterbait color schemes, the Z-Man Chatterspike is sized to pair perfectly with most standard bass-sized bladed jigs on the market.

Z-Man Size Quantity
Chatterspike 4.5" 5
Color: Bluegill