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Senko Style

  • Gary Yamamoto Senko- Baby Bass

    Gary Yamamoto Senko

    Gary Yamamoto

      Gary Yamamoto Yamasenko If there's been one lure that has changed the face of fishing over the years, it's the Yamamoto Senko. With its wide ran...

  • Yum Dinger Green Pumpkin

    Yum Dinger

    from $3.49

    Yum Dinger The Dinger became an instant bass fishing classic lure. One of the most versatile soft plastics on the market, the YUM Dinger can be Te...

  • Strike King KVD Ocho- Black Blue Flake

    Strike King KVD Ocho

    Strike King

    Strike King KVD Ocho This 8-sided beast takes the concept of the soft jerkbait to another level. Like a faceted bead vs. a round bead, the Strike ...

  • V&M Chopstick Worm- Black Blue Blue Tip

    V&M Chopstick Worm


    V&M Chopstick Worm: 5" Although typically rigged weightless for a well balanced parallel fall, V&M soft plastic baits, the Chopstick, work...

  • Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Stick- Blue Bruiser

    Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Stick

    Lake Fork Trophy Lures

    Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Stick: 5" Lake Fork Trophy Lures stick bait innovation brought simple soft plastics to life. In this particular case,...

  • ZMan Turbo FattyZ- Bama Bug

    Z-Man ZinkerZ

    from $4.39

    Zman ZinkerZ As versatile as they are productive, super-tough, salt-impregnated ZinkerZ sink slowly and tantalizingly when fished unweighted. Rigge...

  • 6th Sense Clout 5.4- Electric Shiner

    6th Sense Clout 5.4

    6th Sense Lure Company

    6th Sense Clout 5.4 The CLOUT 5.4 worm was designed to be the best stick bait on the market. This worm has unique 3-dimensional ridges, which grab ...

  • Reaction Innovation Pocket Rocket- California 420

    Reaction Innovation Pocket Rocket

    Reaction Innovations

    Reaction Innovation Pocket Rocket Reaction Innovations revolutionary new stick bait made with our new Titanic Plastic. This new plastic formula is...

  • Yamamoto 5" Fat Senko- Black Blue Flake

    Yamamoto 5" Fat Senko

    Gary Yamamoto

    Yamamoto 5" Fat Senko There’s no denying that the Yamamoto 5” Senko is one of the best baits ever created and is very often imitated, but never dup...

  • Keitech Salty Core Stick- Black Blue
    Sold out

    Keitech Salty Core Stick


    Salty Core Stick  Keitech's core shot technology to produces unique stick baits with amazing qualities. The key to its effectiveness lies in the S...

  • Tightline UV Uvenko with Whiskers- Chart Pepper

    Tightline UV Uvenko with Whiskers

    Tightlines UV

    Tightline UV Uvenko with Whiskers UV Proven Technology - Bite On Site! Fish see UV colors over 7 times better in the water vs natural colors. ...

  • Bruiser Baits Stick Worm

    Bruiser Baits Stick Worm


    Bruiser Baits Stick Worm The tantalizing quiver of the Stick Worm makes it great to pitch, flip, or jerk along the bottom. It is 5″ long and is sh...

  • Motivated The Stick- Black Blue

    Motivated The Stick

    Motivated Lure Company

    Motivated The Stick This 5 inch stick bait is just like all the others right? WRONG! With its no salt formula and precision tapered body, The Stic...

  • Berkley The General- Coppertreuse

    Berkley The General


    Berkely Powerbait "The General"  Joining the ranks of Berkley’s legendary Powerbait lineup, the Berkley Powerbait The General Worm provides a clas...