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Yum YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr Kit

by Yum
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The YUMbrella 5-Wire Flash Mob Jr. Kit makes fishing a cast-able umbrella rig more efficient and effective than ever.  The kit comes complete with all the jig heads and soft plastics  you need to catch fish on the most effective multi-lure rig on the market.  Kit includes one YUMbrella 5-Wire Flash Mob Jr. rig with willow leaf spinning blades positioned at the midpoint of each lure arm, plus three 1/8-oz. round ball jig heads with 2/0 hooks and three Pearl White curl tail grubs.

Kit includes

  • 1 - 3-Wire Flash Mob Jr.
  • 5 - 1/8-oz. Round Ball Jig heads
  • 5 - Pearl White curl tail grubs

Key Features

  • Ultralight 5-arm umbrella rig with willow leaf blades
  • Tremendous flash creates the image of a bigger school of fish
  • Super-wire stainless steel construction and quality snaps and swivels
  • Smaller size and weight means it can be cast on any rod/reel combo
Color: Tennessee Special