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Yum YUMbrella Money Head Jig Heads

by Yum
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Yum YUMbrella Money Head Jigs, 3/0 Hook 1/8 oz

YUMbrella Money Head Jigs are specifically designed for use with multi-lure rigs like the YUMbrella, with big line-ties that make connection to the snaps quick and easy. A tough outer coating resists chipping and adds durability. Wide-gap hooks are super-strong and razor sharp to hook and hold big fish.

YUM Money Head Jigs come in four sizes, with hook sized matched to the most common sized swimbaits used on cast-able umbrella rigs.  Each package contains 5 jigheads to fully outfit your YUMbrella, Flash Mob Jr. or other cast-able umbrella rig.

The narrow shape of the head cuts water perfectly and enhances the action of the swimbait. Money Head Jigs were designed by pro anglers specifically for use with these rigs.

  • Pointed Jighead helps multi-lure rigs to run straight and true
  • Super-strong wide-gap hooks
  • Jigs specially designed for multi-lure rig application